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Greetings, Hungry People!

Place SettingIt’s our collective good fortune that we’re rewarded with living in the Sarasota area! We are also able to enjoy a diversified eating experience on a daily basis. The purpose of this directory is to help diners navigate through town, sampling all that area restaurants have to offer. Restaurant Pages is a user-friendly local dining guide for breakfast, lunch, dinner and more. Formatted by type of cuisine, and sized to fit in the glove compartment of your car, Restaurant Pages is the perfect traveling companion for diners on the go. It’s up to date, representing over 50 ethnic food groups, and presenting over 200 local eateries. You’re sure to find many good meals within these pages and great opportunities to find hot new spots. It’s fun and exciting to try new types of food, so dig in and enjoy the offerings. Plus, carry Restaurant Pages in with you, and have management sign the contest page to win a free mini-vacation on Marco Island or some cash prizes. We want to be your favorite dining reference book so send us an email and let us know what you’d like to see in future editions. Our next printing will be October 2016 and it will include many more dining options for you to explore as well as local tourist attractions for seasonal visitors. Until then, here’s to you!

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